First-time visitor?

A typical sequence of events during a Sunday Meeting for worship is as follows:

  1. Meeting & greeting. Those arriving for Meeting are greeted by somebody at the front entrance.
  2. Silent worship. An hour of silent worship commences at 10.30 or 11.oo am, depending on the meeting. Occasionally, someone may feel inspired to say something that they hope will deepen and enrich the worship. Anyone is free to do this. People shake hands to mark the end of the worship.
  3. Afterthoughts. In some meetings, we share any thoughts we may have, fairly informally, that we feel may be helpful, but perhaps felt a bit uncomfortable about sharing during the silent session. Afterthoughts may last up to roughly ten minutes.
  4. Announcements. The clerk mentions forthcoming events and other news. This usually lasts roughly ten minutes.
  5. Tea/coffee & biscuits. Feel free to chat and ask questions!.

Meetings for worship are open to everyone: children are specifically welcomed.

A Netherlands Quaker Meeting

Image of a Quaker Meeting {courtesy of Netherlands Yearly Meeting,}